DUALTEX is a double-layer composite, consists of a geogrid with bitumen coating and PP nonwoven .
The geogrid can be polyester (DUALTEX PET), polyvinyl alcohol (DUALTEX PVA), glass (DUALTEX GLASS) or basalt (DUALTEX BASALT).


  • Reinforcement of asphalt concrete pavement

Geogrid DUALTEX improves the elastic modulus of a roadbed while distributing loads for greater roadway longevity and performance.

  • Protection from reflective cracks

The use of DUALTEX  in an asphaltic pavement system mitigates the risk of reflective crack formation. The geocomposite reinforcement layer redistributes stresses horizontally in the overall system, thus preventing stress from concentrating and migrating upward to the surface as a crack.

  • Prevention of  wheel track rutting

The high-strength performance of DUALTEX redistributes loads across the entire area of the reinforced road surface. This prevents the formation of wheel ruts, even in high temperature environments.