INTERTEX is two-layer geocomposite material consisting of glass rovings (INTERTEX GLASS) or basalt rovings (INTERTEX BASALT) or polyester (INTERTEX PET) or PVA (INTERTEX PVA) and PP/PET nonwoven. Membrane effect is the key feature of INTERTEX.


  • Reinforcement

INTERTEX geocomposite allows to increase total elasticity modulus of the road pavement, and redistributes transport loadings.

  • Stress relief

The differential stresses are minimized between substrate and new overlay, thus stress is prevented from concentrating and migrating upward to the surface as a crack.

  • Retarding of wheel track rutting

Researches show that when using INTERTEX the rutting appears two times slower as a result of loads redistribution and increased road pavement performance.

  • Membrane effect

Nonvowen impregnated with bitumen during the installation creates the membrane, which prevents water and oxygen intrusion into lower layers of road pavement.