MULTIGRID is two-layer geocomposite, which consists of polyester (PET), polyvinylalcohol (PVA) geogrid and nonwoven PET or PP geotextile, combined together with stiching yarns.


  • Base reinforcement

MULTIGRID geocomposites reinforce base course in roadways, providing shear resistance and improving the road system’s elastic modulus.

  • Filtration

The nonwoven geotextile layer of MULTIGRID secures soils and aggregates while enabling water to pass through the geocomposite. Ponding and water-related erosion within the geocomposite reinforced system is prevented.

  • Separation of subgrade layers

MULTIGRID prevents interfusion of materials with different fractions on the contact boundary of sand and chip stone layers.

  • Reinforced steep slopes

The exceptional bearing capacity of MULTIGRID enables the construction of steeper, safer slopes to optimaze land use and reduce disturbance in of a constructions.